24 01 2009

ever needed an uplifter during a gloomy day?  when you feel that everything you are doing is not giving you what you want?  when you feel that everyone around you is linking hearts, minds and souls to put you in the corner?  when you feel that the whole world is just against you and is doing their best to get your out of the picture?  when you are not sure whether to feel mad, sad, upset, or just simply down.

a couple of days ago, a friend of mine let me in on his mind.  he was feeling all of those things above.  he told me that everyone at work shoved so many tasks to do on his shoulders.  and he felt that noone seemed to care enough to understand, and it felt that everyone was against him instead.  he had a hard time delegating the works given to him, not wanting to be a problem-transferer. 

what do we do when we are in his shoes?  what do we do when we are feeling that way?  what do i do?  i think of happy thoughts.   i don’t have just one happy thoughts.  i have many.  my happy thoughts are always different from time to time.  never the same.  so if you ask me, what is my happy thought, i probably cannot say right at the top of my head.  but in needy times, one always comes to mind.  it’s either about one of my kids, a nice dream i had, a wish, or a funny moment during school days.

so, a happy thought.  what else?  usually a song.  just like the happy thought, i don’t have just one song.  i have several.  the one that becomes my medicine quite a lot of times is “don’t stop me now” by queen.  for some reason that song always manage to make me smile and ‘semangat’!

so, for me, it’s just a happy thought and a song.  that has been my recipe for cloudy days for so long.  and it always works for me.  you could try my recipe, or perhaps you might have some other recipe.  the most important thing is, we cannot let bad days defeat us.  we have to be strong and overcome all the bad things, bad thoughts, bad feelings. 

simawarkuningprofile21    for me, it only takes a happy thought and a song.




One response

27 01 2009

thanks…now i know where to go to everytime i need an uplifter

simawarkuning: you are welcome…

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