prefere 72 kemang

25 01 2009

it has been more than 2 weeks that both of my sons have been nagging about going here.  every single day gavin popped up the question, when can we go to that playground, ibu?  how many more times do we have to sleep before we can go?  why is saturday still a long long way away?

it all started when my friend and i were enganged in a discussion about where to take our kids on weekends.  to be honest, when it comes to this subject, i can be the most uncreative mother in the world.  weekends come and go, and despite of wanting to give something different to the kids – i trully want my sons to experience, tried, go through many different things during their childhood age – i find us coming back to the same shopping mall, swimming pool and restaurants again and again…  uugh!

so then, one of the places suggested by my friend turns out to be a brilliant input after all.  prefere 72.  that night,  at home, i opened my laptop and searched the internet for any information regarding prefere 72.  so many references.  i looked at each one and decided that i will give prefere 72 a try.  i was so consumed with all the information i was getting from the internet and i didn’t pay any attention to my surroundings.  i didn’t realize that gavin was all of a sudden got behind me and he saw the pages on the internet that i was opening.  and yup, his excitement was twice as much as mine.  yaaay!!

that was when he started with the questions.  oh, more times than not, it got to my nerves.  and i myself found it hard to wait until saturday came.  that week i had to go out of town, but i promised the kids that i would be back on friday, and then the day after that we could all go to prefere 72. 

saturday came, but i guess we were meant to test our patience a bit longer for one of gavin’s friends had invited us to her birthday party.  so there went prefere 72 down the drain.

another week started and the questions from gavin became less frequent.  but it didn’t mean that he had forgotten.  oh no, he hadn’t forgotten.  he remembered alright.  for when the following thursday came, he popped up the question again.  we will go to that playground that we saw on the internet this saturday, won’t we, bu?  and i said yes.  friday came and i could see that gavin could not hold his excitement and patience any longer.  he literally could not sleep, and he had been calling me at the office from 5 o’clock asking when i could come home and prepare the things for the ‘journey’ the next day.  kids….

so today is the day.  this morning the kids had been up since 6 o’clock.  and i wasn’t ready to leave the bed yet.  while i still wanted to curl under the warm blanket, my sons were screaming and jumping up and down trying to get me out of bed.  so after we all had breakfast and got ready, we finally left the house for prefere 72.  it was 9 o’clock.

prefere 72 is located in kemang area.  actually it wasn’t too hard to find the place except for the numbering on the buildings/houses wasn’t in sequence.  when we got to number 48, i thought we had passed the place.  but after one stop to ask for direction, we managed to find it.  i was actually proud of myself. 🙂  for stopping and ask for direction and for actually being able to find the spot!

as soon as i parked the car, the kids literally jumped out of the car and ran to the playground.  it is actually a quite nice playfround for children.  it spreads on an approximately 1500m2 of land.  right in the center of it you can see a big ‘play-thing’ with many steps they climb on, slides they can go down on, tunnels they can climb through.  not forgetting the big trampoline they can jump up and down on.  they also have a space with many shower poles, they are like huge water sprinklers – yes they really spray water!!!    on the sides they also have swings for children of all ages.  hey, hey, not forgetting the smaller version of a flying fox for the smaller children.  

only half an hour after we got here, it started to rain.  so i took gavin and nathan (from this point on, the name becomes nathan, as that what he prefers to be called) inside.  yes, they have an indoor playground also.  it is actually designed for the smaller kids (up to 5 years old), but they let gavin play there because of the rain. 

the indoor playground consists of steps and slides just like the outdoor ones, only on a smaller scale.  it also has a ‘ball-pool’ where kids can play in.  not forgetting also a smaller trampoline, which kids love very much.  at least mine do.  they coud not seem to get enough of it.

the cafe is not too bad.  it’s got your standard menu, like nasi goreng, spaghetti, nasi hainan, burgers and hotdogs, french fries, etc.  on the beverage menu they offer sodas, many different kinds of juices, tea and coffee.  there is also free wifi for the parents who like to surf the net while waiting for their childrean playing.

after the rain had stopped my sons went back outside, and they play with the water sprinklers.  it was fun.  they get themselves all wet (but i was already prepared with their change of clothes).  just as i am writing all this down, i can see them running around playing catch and getting wet, and having the most fun.

i have taken some pictures – not too many, but they will do.  if you need to see more pictures i am sure you can search in the internet and find a lot.  that’s what i did.

so that’s a brief report about our day at the prefere 72 kemang.  i have to stop here now, have to get the kids ready to go back home.  it is already 2pm.

note: the address is kemang timur no. 72.  from ampera it is on your right side, not far from indomaret (on your left side).  you won’t get lost.  i didn’t. 🙂


additional info:

ticket price is Rp. 80,000/child – you need to pay this at the gate, so you need to bring enough cash to pay at least for the tickets.  for the food you can use credit cards.



2 responses

26 01 2009

walah,, begitu banyak porsi cerita background-nya.. yang ttg prefere72-nya tinggal cuman 1/3.. he2x… anyway thanks, will try soon..

simawarkuning: ok… tuker2 informasi dong dengan tempat2 lain 🙂

28 01 2009

nah.. mendingan tuh. photonya bisa digedein.

simawarkuning: iya, coba i took more photos ya…

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