you are strong.

27 01 2009
    tiba-tiba teringat satu kata mutiara lagi:

    “He never gives you too heavy a burden – much more than you can carry…”

    and that can never be any truer for me.  i’ve had my share of problems, been tried in life every now and then.  but when i come back to that one sentence above, and actually believes it, i then realize how strong i can be.

    He gives me that much strength to get over whatever it is i am forced to face in life.  THAT, i believe.  so what do i do when bigger problems come across?  i am thankful.  why?  because that can only mean one thing.  it means that i must be that strong, enough to attack and crush the big stone in front of me.  

    how many people are chosen to be strong?  well, i am glad that i am one of them.

    so the next time you feel like facing a lot, just remember, YOU ARE STRONG.  you are so much stronger than whatever it is you are facing.

    have a nice day.





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