birthday surprise!

31 01 2009

surprise1just received a nice surprise!

i was busy writing and didn’t even realize what time it was. my phone had been beeping letting me know i had new messages or emails. but i didn’t even bother to pick it up and read them. i was too busy putting thoughts into words. 🙂

then my phone rang!

i almost jumped out of bed. (i am already in my bed with the computer on my lap) the ringing phone was not like the beeping messages or emails that i could ignore. i picked the phone up and saw the name of the caller. it was a name i know. but it wasn’t a name i would expect to be calling me in the middle of the night.

“happy birthday, ning…”

i was so touched. i don’t know whether he was actually already asleep but woke up on purpose to call, or he was actually still awake and then decided to call, or he actually had thought of calling me at midnight since this afternoon… i trully don’t know. but it was nice. it was very nice of him. i am very very touched.

thanks my friend. you started my day with a good note.





One response

31 01 2009

hiks.. I knew who was calling you..
I also woke up coz I remember ur b’day, and write on ur FB wall…. jealous nih…

simawarkuning: maaf dew. baca lagi ya… the next writing i wrote for you. 🙂

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