happy birthday, hubby

3 02 2009

today is my husband’s birthday. up until yesterday i really did not know what to get him for a present. so finally i gave up and i told him i didn’t have any present for him. he told me he didn’t mind. so i thought, ok, and that was that.

it wasn’t until this morning that i thought of something. i thought of buying him a cake (making one myself would just take too much time, and i didn’t want to chance that the cake would turn out to be something not edible.

so around 2 pm i went to a mall to buy a cake. and then i went to his office to give him the cake. i took adek with me. when i got there he was already in a meeting, but i managed to ask one of his guys to get him out of the meeting room.

so to make the story short, i gave him the cake and we talked a bit. and then my son and i went back home.

tonight i received a text message from him saying thank you for the birthday surprise (coming to the office with the cake and all). and i said to him, no problem, that’s all i can do for his birthday. and then this was his reply. a reply that brought tears to my eyes.

he wrote:

well, that’s the best thing in my birthday.





2 responses

4 02 2009

huhuhu… i’m so touched. happy belated birthday for Arman!

simawarkuning: thanks ya, darling.

7 02 2009

cieeeleeeeeeeeeee ultah gw juga ya nanti mbak
i’ll give u heaps of tears πŸ˜›

simawarkuning: nggak apa2… i’ve got plenty of tears in the reservoir… πŸ™‚

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