we are brothers and sisters

4 02 2009

what a tiring day….

i took the boys to the mall tonight. they wanted to play and i wanted to do some searching on my dream notebook (well, that would have to be a whole different story). and an interesting conversation happened on our way back home.

it went like this.

there was a little boy (he couldn’t have been more than 5 years old, for heaven’s sake!) who was still out on the street selling newspaper. and it was already 7:30 at night.

me: (calling the boy), dek, come here. here and buy yourself something to eat, okay? (and i gave the boy some money)

son: ibu, he is a very poor boy, isn’t he?

me: yes, abang, he is. look, he is still working selling newspaper at this time of night.

son: ibu, if we see or meet poor people, we must share something with them. we should give them money. because they don’t have money.

me: not just money, abang. we can give them food, clothes. remember how every year before lebaran we always give the poor cookies and milk that we put in plastic bags?

son: yes, i remember. we should do that again. we have to give more to the poor.

me: you want to do it again? well, maybe one day we can make nasi goreng and put them in little bags and we can go out and give them out to the poor people we find on the street. how would you like that?

son: oh yes!!! we can make nasi goreng with eggs and sausages. or perhaps we can also use meatballs. or chicken. oh yes, let’s do that, ibu.

by that time, i was already smiling listening to how excited my oldest son really got. i am very happy that he has a very good heart. a kind soul. a nice boy.

the conversation did not end there.

son: ibu, maybe on the bag we could also write a small note saying, Jesus loves you.
or perhaps we could write, from God’s children.
umm… or how about, we are brothers and sisters and God loves us.

me: that would be so nice, abang. you can write whatever you want to write.

and i could feel that my heart was about to burst from all the love given by abang, my oldest son. he is only a 7 year old boy. but he has a big enough heart to give all that he has. all that he can. i thought i knew everything about sharing. but tonight, my son taught me one important thing.

when we give, we are giving God’s love. when we share, we are sharing His love. why? because we are all brothers and sisters, and God loves us.

thank you , my son. i am very proud of you.





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