have a nice day.

5 02 2009

another story. still from my life today.

i was chatting with a friend, and we were exchanging information on how our days were. mine was, hectic with the kids, they shout, i shout, they fight, i scream, nothing unusual… pretty ordinary.

but his answer, was interesting.

he said, (i can’t remember exactly word for word, so hopefully what i write here isn’t really taking the essence of his original sentences), ‘my day was busy. there seems to be so much to do and too little time to do it all. i don’t seem to have enough time.’

and then, partly trying to sound wise and all, and also because i want to give him some encouragement, i said, ‘wise men say that we do not let time drive us. we make time be our tool to do what we want to do.’ sounds make sense to me and i have actually heard it said somewhere.

and then he replied, ‘well, i am yet to learn how to do that.’

because i really did not know what else to say, my final reply to him was, ‘i really wish we could ask master oogway because i am very sure that he would know the answer.’

that was that.

but then i thought to myself. if i really believed in what i just said to my friend, then why is it that some days, at the end of those days i feel so tampered. so bruised. so disappointed that i thought i did so much, felt tired but i didn’t make anything good in life. so sure that i must have missed something important and whatever i have contributed to the world was never enough. what did i do wrong?

i know no right answer about this. but maybe if we could only appreciate ourselves more, we’d feel we have more things accomplished at the end of everyday. if we could only appreciate others around us, we’d feel less lonely. if we could only know the limit of ourselves, we wouldn’t have to fall down defeated by time.

that’s what i’ll do. appreciate me more, appreciate my surroundings, and know my limit. that should do me good.





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