a polite way to say “SHUT UP, you’re so annoying!”

8 02 2009

a friend wrote on his FB status: 

“there are things that are best to be left unsaid”.

i know another phrase that’s sort of along the same line.

“silence is golden”.

there might be more of those phrases, but i truly cannot think of any more right of the top off my head.  

there’s also a lot of meanings to those phrases.  it could mean, stop,  you’re talking too much.  or it could mean, don’t say anything, it would hurt him.  or it could mean, really, noone wants to hear about it.  but it could also mean, hey, you’ve gone out of line.

to me, it simply means, shut up, it’s none of your business.





2 responses

9 02 2009
Don Corleone

shut up and f**k off… a little bit mean? hehe….that friend of yours “D” was with me last Saturday while checking out your ‘MAC’ price 🙂

simawarkuning: iya, too harsh for me lah… sometimes in the workplace banyak sekali orang2 yang ngomong hal2 yang diluar urusannya. menyebalkan. just for the sake untuk saling menjatuhkan orang.
daniel? ngapain dia?

10 02 2009

biasalah si batak melankolis….sharing his thoughts…including his ‘none of your business’ things. haha

simawarkuning: s’ok. maybe it’s none of our business… hahahaha….

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