the ‘ingredients’ of a solid teamwork

10 02 2009

we had a meeting at the office today.  one of the topics was about values.  the specific characteristics that were recognized as essential ‘ingredients’ for better outcomes as a company.

Ants Carrying an Applewhat’s interesting was that these ‘ingredients’ are not some high-level-big-hard-to-pronounce-easy-to-forget-worded things.  they are actually pretty down to earth stuff that we encounter on a daily basis.

some of those values made their way right to my head and my heart.

they talked about ethical.  webster says it means conforming to accepted standards of conducts.  to me, it means having behaviours such that people will feel comfortable being around me, working with and for me, living with or around me.  it’s wanting to help others selflessly, ready to ask for forgiveness, able to admit when we are wrong, accepting our weakness and willing to ask for help, also having the ability to learn from other people’s success rather than talk about them behind their backs with envy.

another one is respectful.  webster says it means showing special/particular attention/regards.  to me, it means treating and addressing other people the way we want to be treated and addressed.  i believe that people will not respect you if you do not show respect for others.  you earn respect when you give respect.  it’s realizing that we have people working as our superiors and inferiors which we have to treat the same.  as living things.  with feelings.  as humans.  understanding that each has the same right to express ideas and be heard and appreciated.  in such ways that we want to be heard and appreciated.

one last word i like so much.  integrity.  webster says it means firm adherence to a code of especially moral values.  well, to me, it simply means being honest.  honest to self, honest to others, honest to profession.teamwork1

there were other ‘ingredients’ shared with us as ‘drivers’ in having one good solid teamwork.  but out of all, the three above are the most basic that made me feel like i was learning and understanding the meaning of the words over again.





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