at the airport

11 02 2009

here i am, at the airport again.  at least now i have some free time to put some of my thoughts into words, after a very busy day yesterday.

i remember a while ago (seems like a very long while ago), my routine at the airport used to include visiting the periplus and stayed there the whole time until it was time for me to board the airplane.  nothing beat the pleasure of being in a bookstore.  i didn’t always have to buy anything there (though more times than not i ended up carrying something when i left that bookstore…. such temptation i just couldn’t resist), just being in there and being able to look through the books, reading the back covers of those books, gave a feeling that i can never describe.

but that was before.  before i found a much bigger pleasure in writing.  now when i get to the airport, after checking in, never again my legs and feet move me towards the bookstore.  now all my body members have a mind of their own – and it’s always the same – they all transport me to starbucks, where i always buy the same things everytime (green tea frap or green tea latte) and then i sit down, open my computer and write. 🙂

i still love to read, but the joy i find in writing is just far too much to resist now…




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