my new 13″ macbook

16 02 2009

i am now the proud of owner of a new macbook. 

it had been a while – a long while – that i had wanted to have a new laptop; ever since i discovered a new hobby in writing.  i wanted a new reliable, smart a9sometimes it’s just nice to have something that can tell me what i want), easy to operate, bright, understanding, and nice looking (of course!) computer that can assist me in turning thoughts into words and share them with the world as a tool of communication.

the first thing you need to know about me is that i am a person who is very very gadget illiterate.  all i know about computers is that they type, some can play music, and some can even do more fancy stuff.  but i wanted to know more about computers before i decided on the one that i would finally own.  

so i started asking people, friends, family… basically everything  everyone (well, almost everyone) knew about computers.  i also searched on the internet, and i even went to computer stores… i did pretty much everything i could to gather as much information as possible.

my journey of a laptop search introduced me to many brands.  most of them very well known brands.  some cost less than the others, but a lot of times (especially towards the end of my search) they were a bit towards the more expensive side.

now, i don’t know how i learned about apple in the first place, but all i can say is that ever since that very first time i was introduced to apple, i pretty much spent all my time searching for information on it, and did not even try to look at the others.  i still remember how i spent hours each night on the internet just to find out the differences between all models of macbook.  i can even proudly say that i have most of the information memorized by now :). (it was like studying for a final exam during college days… :)).  and that was not enough.  i went to so many apple stores asking this and that, comparing models, looking, touching, holding…  

yes, it was such a long journey.  but i am proud to say that i am now an owner of the new 13″ macbook.  not so much to boast or show off, but this is what it says when i opened the website:

“new design.  new features.  new technologies.  all engineered to standards that don’t even exist yet.”

thank you God, for granting my wish and answering my prayer.

this, is my first posting using my new macbook.





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