LIFE – is love celebrated.

18 02 2009

though today is no longer the 14th of february – what people call valentine’s day and the day of love – it still is appropriate to celebrate by putting a string of words of my thoughts.

i am not going to go into all  the detail of the background of st. valentine or how today became the day of expressing love, which includes giving presents and chocolates and candy and flowers and even jewelery.

i just want to share what i know, what i have seen, what i have experienced about love.

waking up every morning before the whole family is awake to make sure everything is ready for them when it’s finally their time to wake up – that’s love.

taking the time to play with the kids even though your body is very tired and about an inch away from tearing apart, and the headache you feel is about to blow your head off – that’s love.

willing to share your new toy with your brother or sister even though you just had it in your hands for a few seconds – that’s love.

giving the only seat available on the bus to the woman carrying a little baby even though it will mean that you have to stand up all the way to your destination – that’s love.

giving your time to listen to others when you know that work is impossibly piling up on your desk – that’s love.

sharing food with the needy out in the street – that’s love.

giving lifts to friends even when it means that you cannot take the toll road and have to go through all the heavy traffic – that’s love.

forgiving and forgetting – that’s love.

understanding – that’s love.

asking for forgiveness, admitting you are wrong – that’s love.

putting others before yourself – that’s love.

let us celebrate LOVE today – happy valentine’s.





One response

22 02 2009
Tuti Frutti

And I’m hoping that we don’t run out of love on other dates, and always refill it whenever it’s running low …..

simawarkuning: you are right. cannot agree more. thank you.

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