the way of people… and me.

18 02 2009

i don’t understand it.  it seems that every time i come to this place, it’s always on a wednesday.  wednesday is the day where they always have a special weekly event here and it always makes this place jam-packed!  but my feet seem to always find their ways back to this place – dragging my body, mind and soul along – on the same days again and again.

that’s not what i want to talk about.  what i want to share is how people are so very consumptive in nature.  i see how ridiculously the pricing they put on most of the items they sell here.  items that are not functionally useful really.  i mean, even speaking as a fashion-trend-follower, these things do not have the ‘fashion-ness’ that match the price tags on them.  they are really the unimportant things that, if you really want, you can spend more time searching other places to spend a lot less funds on.

but, no.  people still prefer to shop here and spend a whole lot more for things that they probably don’t even use or remember they own, for the most part.  very sad, i know.  such a waste, if you really take the time to think about it.  it’s sad to think that it’s all only for the show.  

what’s sadder is, i am one of those people.




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