the entrepreneur of tomorrow

20 02 2009

it was an entrepreneurship day at my son’s school today.

trucksin my posting a couple of days ago, i wrote about how consumptive people (in jakarta area) are.  all they (and probably i) seem to know is spend, spend, spend.  buy, buy, buy.  they buy everything.  they spend their money on everything they see.  there’s this so huge a hunger of wanting to have everything possible in the face of this earth.

but today, i saw how little children, the generation of tomorrow, were taught to be the other way around.  they were taught how to turn what they have into money.  so, instead of buying things, they were taught to sell things.  instead of spending money, they were taught to make money.  instead of being consumptive, they were taught to be generative.

my son spent 30,000 rupiah for the bakmie goreng that he brought to school today, and he sold all and came home with 50,000 rupiah in his hand.  

my son, the entrepreneur of tomorrow.





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