a note on being faithful

22 02 2009

another quote from a friend:

is being faithful an effort or a choice?

4-faithfulsuch an intriguing quote that made me stop and ponder for a moment. and then as usual when i take the time to stop and think, strings of thoughts came to mind.  this piece of writing does not contain an answer, or a definite answer for all, but it’s more of an opinion from someone who thinks she sees the world from both sides.

being faithful is something one does to gain trust.  as we all know, trust is a very important ingredient in the magic of life.  but unfortunately, trust is not something that would magically appear, however hard and careful you wave your wand.  trust does not come automatically out of the blue.  trust is something that is earned.  something that is learned.  experienced.

now, how is trust very important?  well, how, do i ask, can a person make choices and decisions if he did not trust on something?  he must have a pinch of trust.  he does not have to trust his ability to make the choice, but he needs to at least trust that there will be a definite outcome from that choice made.

our lives is about living with others.  interacting with other human beings.  creations with feelings, creations with the same need of trust.  to be able to connect and get along with these other human beings, we need to be able to exchange trust.  should any other virtues disappear, there still need to be trust.  

now that we have established how important ‘trust’ is, then we all shall in turn understand how necessary it is to be faithful.  if one realizes that, then being faithful becomes a way of life.  that, is what i am trying to say.  it is a way of life.

being faithful: it should not be a choice – there shouldn’t be anything else to choose from.  it should be one’s way of living.  that should come naturally – with no effort.

the question now is, is it ours?






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