kung fu panda: beyond the movie

24 02 2009

back to the movie “kung fu panda”.


it is a movie made for children viewing.  it’s an animated fable, tells a story of a bunch of different animals with great abilities in kung fu.  it’s the typical good versus evil kind of movie, teaching children to stay true to truth and kindness and in time they will defeat evil. sounds pretty ordinary, but after watching it over and over again (i think i can honestly say that i have seen that movie for close to a hundred times!), i am seeing to the movie.  it is a movie with a story so full of meanings.  so many lessons taught and so much wisdom can be gained from it. not wanting to get into details on every single wisdom learned, i mostly want to share the one important thing that i learned from that movie, and that is everything happens for a purpose.  master oogway a couple of times says, “there are no accidents.”  no matter how funny or how impossible it looks (even master shifu sometimes gets so agitated because he just finds it hard to believe how this big, fat, mushy, heavy-footed, lazy creature called panda can be the dragon warrior, the supposedly greatest kung fu master, that they have been waiting for), things always happens on purpose.   when po, the panda, flies up and is suddenly appointed the much awaited dragon warrior by master oogway the moment he falls down from the sky, nobody (including master shifu) believes that it is meant to be.  everybody keeps saying that it is an accident.  the dragon warrior is supposed to be picked from the five kung fu students taught by master shifu! as the movie goes on, it turns that po proves to be a very worthy hero of the whole china, possessing every single quality that a kung fu master is supposed to have.  he teaches us that to be the dragon warrior, one not only needs to be a great kung fu fighter, but it all goes a lot deeper.  it’s about having compassion, kindness, helpfulness, respect for others, serving others.  and most importantly it’s about believing in yourself.  believing in yourself even though the whole world is against you.  believing that you can deliver good even when the whole world is looking down on you. another quote from master oogway, “you must believe”, really goes a long way.  we are born with so many abilities.  some, we realize, some we don’t.  but without confidence and believing in yourself, they are all meaningless. i believe that nothing in this world is an accident.  




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25 02 2009

“everything happens for a purpose”. Master Oogway has touched me by his words.

simawarkuning: me, too.

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