the power of branding

9 03 2009

cokei don’t know whether it’s ethical to name specific brands when writing a blog.  i don’t know whether a blog is considered personal or public consumption.  oh well…

a couple of days ago i had a conversation with a friend regarding preferred brand when we go grocery shopping.  most of the time i just don’t realize that i actually have preferred brands for a lot of things.  that day when we had that conversation, i realized that i actually am a fanatic.  

when i buy milk, i go for non-UHT diamond milk.  (for my husband it has to be pura – lately i always pick up susu pura half heartedly because of the ridiculous price increase, but i still buy them)

for tooth paste, i always buy colgate.  the green one.  though it’s one of the most expensive tooth paste, i never look at others.

for chocolate spread, nothing beats nutela.  again, it’s twice as much as the others price-wise, but i never go for other brands.

this last one i just realized today.  here goes.  i am someone who gets headaches easily.  and very often.  and there’s only one thing that can cure my headache.  in a matter of minutes.  and that is neuralgin.  viva neuralgin.  and i hope it will never get taken away from the market.  because i just don’t know what i’ll do without it.

and now i understand what hermawan kartajaya means by the power of branding.




One response

11 03 2009

its the power of loyalty..

simawarkuning: loyalty adalah akibat. dimana i still believe that brand image is sebabya.

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