talk about customer satisfaction

12 03 2009

a note on customer satisfaction.

shake-handsbig, well-known brand is a sure ticket to success, right?  wrong.  surely everyone, to win the market, aim for having a well-known brand that sticks on people’s minds.  but once that goal is reached, does it stop there?  no, it does not.  let me elaborate a but more on this one.

first of all, i would like to share my own personal experience about how big, established name does not guarantee everything.

everyone must know telkomsel.  it is one of the largest mobile phone service companies in indonesia.  the company i work for chose telkomsel as its vendor because of the well-known brand, i suppose.  and we, the employees, get a corporate mobile phone number from tekomsel.  i imagine that the well-known brand promises premium service, widest coverage that eventually leads to customer satisfaction.

but lately what we get is far from satisfaction.  it’s more and more of a disappointment.  many times we experience difficulties getting connected with the people we need to contact.  no network coverage, calls that can’t get through somehow, calls that get go to the wrong numbers (even when we dial the right number, we magically get a whole different number and a total stranger at the other end of the line!), messages that cannot be delivered, other services that don’t work right….  and many more.

today was another one of those days.  a few times i tried to call someone, and all i heard was a machine saying, “sorry, your number is not registered yet.  please contact the customer service blah… blah…. blah….”

all i can say is that telkomsel is not delivering the services that the brand is supposed to deliver.  as the name of the brand gets bigger, i suppose it gets harder to keep the image from slipping to ground level.  so, unless they start delivering better services, to keep up with the well-established brand, there’ll be many other growing providers out there that are ready to woo all the disappointed customers, including myself.

to conclude – brand, without continuously improving the services to keep the customers’ satisfaction, has nowhere to go but the bottom.

so, let’s keep our customers happy, shall we?  because customer satisfaction is surely the key that will keep us in the competition, and winning the competition.




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