shocking news

13 03 2009

lightningtoday i was shocked. a friend said, “you like being abused.  you are even attracted to it.”

i really did not understand at first.  but this friend sounded very serious.  this has to be wrong.  there has got to be something wrong with me.  this friend is a friend whose opinion i trust and give high regards to.  

i imagine that someone who deliberately chooses an abusive environment to live in must be someone who has something wrong going in the brain.  someone stupid.  i never thought of myself as someone stupid.  but someone just came to that very conclusion.  someone i trust.

is there really something wrong with me?




One response

18 03 2009
Someone Someplace

That must be a wrong opinion from a wrong guy ….

simawarkuning: perhaps so… i don’t know…

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