the art of communication

13 03 2009

communication_cartoonnobody will ever disagree with me if i say that things get messy because of bad communication.  or perhaps even no communication at all.

a friend of mine overheard someone at the office today saying: “well. i think the most important thing iscommunication between us.  that way we should be able to solve any problems that might arise.”

what he said cannot be any truer, i suppose.  and not just around the wrokplace.  the importance of communication can be seen and felt just about everywhere in every aspect of our lives. 

at home, husband and wive should communicate all the time.  about everything.  everytime i watch nanny 911 on tv, i see that 95% of the problems in families are caused by lack of communication.

parents and children have to communicate their feelings and needs to make sure that each one is understood.  bigger children with problems are said to come from families who don’t listen to their children and don’t bother to understand their feelings and needs.

in the workplace, misunderstandings come from not communicating right.  so many times we cut through the communication process and start assuming things.  

we may talk about so many things so many times.  but do we really communicate our feelings and needs?  that is the question we need to ask ourselves.




One response

19 03 2009

my boss always says “please make good communication” to the managers in a meeting. hehe..

simawarkuning: i really believe that poor communication has 90% contribution in every single problem that we have.

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