addicted to drugs

14 03 2009

img00099-20090314-1524i am, by definition addicted to neuralgin.

today the usual headache decided to pay me a visit again.  i don’t know whether it was the heat, the rush, or my body that has been a bit on the weak side lately.  but it was awful.  i was taking the boys to play at timezone and during all those time i had to endure the most painful feeling in the world.  my head felt heavy and the whole world seemed to shake everytime i moved any part of my body.  including everytime i took a breath.  and the worst part of all, i didn’t have the time to buy the one and only painkiller that works for me.

so when i got home, the first thing i did was find myself some neuralgin.  down one tablet and sat down.  about 10 minutes later i felt fine again.  just as predicted.  gone is the pain in my head.  and it was because of neuralgin.

i am, officially addicted to neuralgin.



One response

29 04 2009

you need to cut down taking 2 much neuralgin. dont wanna mess around with your kidney, girl.

simawarkuning: i know. but i just took one today 😦

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