a note on love

7 04 2009

love3i want to talk about love.  i want to share about love.  all my limited knowledge of love.  i guess i am still learning.

i am not going to dwell on what love is not.  but i am going to tell you all i know about what love is.  one thing that we all must know is that love is caring for other human being.  

love is forgiving.  while it might be difficult to forget, love gives us the power to focus on today in order to have a better tomorrow.  rather than bringing back faults of the past, love envelopes us with the wisdom of learning from them and turning them into colours of life’s rainbows.

love is understanding.  understanding that another human being has needs to tend to.  love gives us the courage to support another human being as much as possible to climb as high as possible and reach the stars they so much long for.  love unselfishly puts another human being before ourselves.

love is wanting to see another human living an easier life.  love is wanting to free another human being from any unnecessary hassles and troubles.  love is wanting to watch another human being live a happy life.  love gives us the strength to do all things possible within our power for that other human being.

while to love unconditionally is divine, i believe that we can always learn to love a little bit more.  love others as you want others to love you.

selamat mencinta.




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