help. (part II)

18 04 2009

help5things happen for a purpose.  how i really believe that.  just like what my master oogway says.  it is never a coincidence.  something happens in order for something elese to happen.  or something happens, because something else (something good) is about to happen.

here’s my story.

a few weeks ago i faced a dilemma.  the babysitter that we have had for about 2 years got married and pregnant.  not that it was bad news.  i am happy for her and her news.  the only thing was, i couldn’t get rid of this feeling of worry that she would not be able to do the work(load) she usually does.  i was afraid that she would not be able to pick up my baby when he cries, play with him when he gets bored, feed him when he is hungry, looking after him and putting his things away when they get in the way…. oooohhh…  perhaps I am just plain selfish.

i even thought of asking her to leave (in a gentle way of course) for fear that she wouldn’t be able to do her work properly and that she might hurt her pregnancy in any way.  lame excuses, of course.

but i never actually had the guts to tell her anything.  i liked her too much.  she was too valuable to be rid of.  so i didn’t say anything to her that day.  i waited for the next day, and the next day, and the next day… i kept putting it off.  and i never did tell her anything in the end.

well, days come, days go, and things went back to normal.  actually nothing really changed.  with the pregnancy and all.  until one day….

my other maid dropped the bomb and told me that she was going to leave.  for good. i couldn’t get a much more surprise than that.  and not in a good way.

and so she left.  and i just couldn’t help thinking, what if i had told my babysitter to leave when i first thought of it?  what i did, kept putting off telling her to leave, THAT happened on a purpose.  now even with my maid gone, i still have my babysitter to help me with things at home.  i couldn’t have known any of this earlier.  but somehow the one who controls the universe knows – always knows – what goes on and what is going to happen in our next days, our next hour, our next second.

i am glad that i didn’t do what i had thought i needed to do.  

and today, i got myself a new maid.  and i still have my babysitter,




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