how to be fair to children

18 04 2009

being-fair4my father is no less wiser than my favorite master oogway.  he invented the fairest way to half everything in two, so that neither feels cheated on.

here goes.

my father has 2 children.  myself and my brother.  when we were little, just like little kids do, we always fight over who gets the more cookies, and who gets the bigger bites of sandwich, or any kind of food.

so here’s what he did.  when he had i piece of sandwich, he would ask one of us to cut it in half, and then let the other choose first which half they wanted.  when he had a pile of cookies or peanuts or anything, he would ask one of us to half whatever is there, and let the other pick which half they wanted.

this way, neither would want to cheat, because whoever gets to half would be very careful so both parts would be as equal as possible.

very neat.  indeed.




One response

26 05 2009

bener bangett mbak…
hmmmm, ngga ada sih ya sekolah parenting 😉

simawarkuning: ada…. di internet…. hehehe…. ntar deh ya dikumpulin di blog ini. biar semua bisa saling ikutan belajar 🙂

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