a day at KIDZANIA

28 04 2009

kidzania-titleyoo-hooo…. today we went to kidzania! my son had a day off school today, so he and a few other friends of his (well, it’s more like the parents actually) decided to spend the day at the most well known, sought after, one and only kids’ town…. KIDZANIA!!!

so, being our first time there, i guess it is quite fair to say that every little thing about kidzania had us excited. there was so much to do there that you can never have enough with only one day.

let me just spare you the story of the journey of getting to kidzania (believe me, it’s just about a bunch of mothers trying to get the kids ready and getting everyone ready and getting everything organized and waiting for everybody else and trying to decide which way would be the fastest way and…. well, you get the idea).

kidzania-entrance2hello KIDZANIA! so there we were on the 6th floor of pacific place. and all of our kids were running towards the entrance already. the entrance is quite unique. it is meant to be an airport where the kids are to depart to a place called KIDZANIA. there we bought our tickets, along with the kids’ first check of 50 kidzos. we were also given security bracelets to make it easier in case any of the children get separated from their parents. you can always go to the kidzania’s website to read more about this security bracelet.

kidzania-bank2first stop, the bank. the kids need to open an account so they could save the money they earn in the bank. so that was what my son did. he went and stood in line, asked the teller if he could open an account, deposited the check that he got… the whole lot. he even came out of the bank with an ATM card in his hands! how amazing. he could go to any ATM’s all around kidzania to withdraw money or even just to check the saldo in his account.


it’s work time. abang’s first job was being a gas station worker. it was just like a real gas station, only smaller. abang wore a uniform and he had to fill the cars that stopped there with gas. after he was done, he got paid. 5 kidzos. his first paycheck. it was awesone.kidzania-gas-station22

kidzania-construction1next job – working at a construction site, building a house. he wore the safety helmet, safety jacket, just like in a real job site. he had to put up some bricks and make a wall. afterwards he got paid again. 15 kidzos this time.

next, he was the fireman. with 7 other kids he rode the firetruck to a building that was on fire and had to put the fire out. wearing the yellow uniform, complete with the yellow hat, abang had fun riding the red fire truck and spraying water towards the fire, until it was out. this time he got 1 kidzos and a can of drink after he finished the job.


oh, one important thing. once you have a bank account, you don’t need to be paid in cash. they can automatically transfer your ‘salary’ to your account. you only need to show them your ATM card. fantastic, ain’t it?

busy busy earning money – that was my son. or perhaps it was me that told him to keep working until he got a lot of money.

kidzania-pilot1what else do you want to be, abang? i want to be a pilot, ibu. so, a pilot he was. being a pilot seems very popular, seeing that the line was always long. but abang was lucky, because when he went there the line wasn’t very long at all. so after registering, he put on the pilot uniform, with the hat and all, and put him behind a cockpit. it was a cool flight simulator – they let the parents get in to take pictures. so i did. the pilots get paid 5 kidzos per flight.

by the way, other than being a pilot, you can also choose to be a stewardess (or flight attendant, i should say), or a passenger.kidzania-pilot2

bu, i want to have a license so i can drive a car. i want to race in a race car on a circuit. of course you can, my son.

so the first thing he did was to get a medical check up. this was a necessary step before he could apply for a driver license. wow… the line was soooooo… long. i believe it was the longest line that my son had stand in. but i told him to be patient and that sometimes to get what we want so bad, we have to wait for it.

about almost half an hour later, abang finished with his medical check up and got his driver license. the whole thing cost 30 kidzos. i told abang that he would need to work and earn more money before he could spend more on racing.

kidzania-chocolate-factory1so, next stop was one of the factories. abang chose the chocolate factory. after putting on the apron and the white hat, he and a few other kids were briefed about the job at a chocolate factory. what they have to do and what they will produce and how much they will get. it was so cute. it was real chocolate they worked with and they had to put the chocolate bar in the wrapping. abang got out of the factory with 5 kidzos and a bar of chocolate πŸ™‚kidzania-chocolate-factory2

kidzania-story-tellerwe walked around to find another fun place to work. and then i found something. i forgot what it was called, but it looked like a library. when abang walked in, the lady in there said, “hai sir, would you like to work here? what you need to do is read one of the books here and then tell the story with your own words, and i will pay you 20 kidzos.” wow, not bad for being a story teller!

oh, one cute thing. all the children here are greeted as ‘sir’ and ‘mam’. they are never called child, kid, son, or anything of the like. they are really trying to treat the kids as adults here. perhaps with being called ‘sir’ and ‘mam’ all the children really feel the responsibility of being grown up’s.

before we went to the race circuit, my son wanted to try to work underground fixing pipelines. again, they were asked to wear the whole safety gear, vest and helmet and all, before they could start ‘working’. this time i couldn’t see what they were doing very clearly because they were really working underground. i could only see them through a monitor that was placed at the underground entrance. abang managed to earn 15 kidzos fixing pipelines.

kidzania-race3time for the race he had been waiting for! abang was really excited when waiting in line, watching all the children stepping on the gas pedal trying to pass the other cars and be the first to finish the race. in no time it was his turn. ah, he really looked cute in his jacket and helmet. and oh, how he really had fun. so much fun, although for this he had to spend 20 kidzos.kidzania-race2


kidzania-waffer-factory1what now? i want to work at a wafer factory, he said. ah, that’s my boy… eager to work to earn lots and lots of money… hahaha… this one was almost the same as the chocolate factory, except for here they made wafers and they got to take home a piece of wafer instead of a bar of chocolate.


my son had fun. and to be honest, i did too. we really enjoyed our time there that without realizing, it was almost 4 o’clock. almost time to go. there was still 30 minutes left before closing time, and my son and his friends (or was it the mothers?) decided to go to a dancing place and let it all out and enjoy the music. the children had to dress up funky and dance to a song. the song was ‘goyang duyu’ by project pop. woo-hoo… that was the most fun of all, i think πŸ™‚ and not just that, the kids got paid 10 kidzos for being the dancers!


it didn’t feel like long. but at the end of our 7 hour session we finally had to end our fun day at kidzania. i am so proud of all the children. they really understood the concept of having to work to be able to have money to spend on things they like. they realized that they cannot have every single thing they want just by clicking their fingers and screaming like crazy. in real life they have to work. and work hard. and i am even proud of my son for being able to have a total saving of 100 kidzos in the bank at the end of his day at kidzania. good job, abang. so now you know the meaning of saving money, and not just spending money. or perhaps i am the one who have to learn from my son? hmmm…. perhaps that is true.




2 responses

29 04 2009

gotta wait for my daughter to be at least 4 years old or older to really enjoy and understand the concept of kidzania…get a job…earn money….save and spend πŸ™‚
hope Kidzania will be still there in the next 2 or 3 years hehehe

simawarkuning: right. how old is she? and she is your oldest kid?

30 04 2009

tapi gak dipaksa kan si Abang to work hard?? Jangan sampe perbudakan anak jeungg..huhaahhahah…just kidding yah..
Anak2 gw juga hepi, especially Igor..mudah2an kalo ada rejeki bisa ke sana lagi yah Shan..

simawarkuning: liburan besok jadi mau nyoba ke anyer kan? kok kitanya yang pada heboh ya? :}

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