my time machine

6 05 2009

time machine2my friend brought up an interesting topic.  time machine.  she mentioned that she would want to have a time machine.

IF we could each get a time machine, what what we do with it?

if i had a time machine, i would certainly use it.  but the question is, where would i use it to go to?  my answers could differ from one day to another.  i might have more than one answer, depending on when the question is asked.

but right now, if you ask me where i would go with my time machine, i would definitely say, to a bluish greenish yellow place, with just enough sun and breeze, me sitting on a comfy branch of a tree, with my macbook on my lap, flowing inspirations on mind delivers flowing words on the screen, my sons and daughters running around playing with the ruffles of water, jumping on the rocks, smiles and laughters fill the air, and my husband fixing a nice cold mango juice for us all.

but that would be my answer right now.  ask me again tomorrow.




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