the saturday habit

23 05 2009

PIM1and again, we are at our most favorite mall. why favorite? main reason is that it is the closest to home 😉 secondly, i think it’s got everything i need here. and also everything my boys need. well, all they need is just TIMEZONE most of the time. 

we are at the foodcourt where both of my sons are having their A&W lunch before they hit TIMEZONE. and me? while they are playing i think i will go to my favorite waiting spot, STARBUCKS. 

and like the usual, afterwards the boys will want to buy JCo donuts to take home. and then we’ll most likely stop by ACE HARDWARE to buy some popcorns (yup, they sell popcorns at that store). we love popcorns. but it’s not just that. we buy popcorn because that’s what we always do when we come here.

and after all that, then it would be time to go home.

what a typical way to spend a saturday.

(oh, by the way, another usual and typical weekend of ours would include a dinner at Bakmi GAJAH MADA, an hour of CIRCUZ for the kids, or a family time at SUSHI TEI)




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