on sharing

29 05 2009

another tip. this time it’s on sharing.

sharing1being a mother of two little boys is sometimes a lot of work. mostly when it comes to teaching them how to share. 

the one toy that is the most favorite to my boys now is my iPod. both would fight over who gets to play with it when i am home. it’s almost sad that when i get home, the first thing that adek asks is, “mana phone ibu?” (=where is your phone?). he refers to my iPod as a phone. he misses my iPod more than he misses me. it’s the iPod that he looks for first when he sees me. an iPod is more important to adek than his own mother 🙂

and when i let adek play with the iPod, then abang would say, “when’s my turn?” then it becomes difficult because adek does not understand the concept of sharing, yet. it’s easier with abang. he knows and understands when i tell him to share things with his brother. so when i tell abang that he gets 15 minutes of playing with the iPod before it’s his brother’s turn, he understands. but adek? he cannot tell time. when i tell him that his turn is up and it’s time to give the iPod to abang, he refuses.

what do i do in this situation then? no, i don’t buy another iPod for him. what i do is tell adek that the iPod is not his and it is not his brother’s. the iPod is mine, and now i want to give it to abang to play with. and i tell him that i want to give him something that is his, something that he can play with whenever he wants to, however long he wants. and so i take him to the play room and have him choose whatever toy he wants to play with.

so far it works. but who knows, maybe the time will come where that trick won’t work anymore. and when that time comes, it’s probably also time to buy another iPod, so my two boys do not have to fight anymore.




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