(supposedly) good hospital. bad service.

30 05 2009

we close this month of may with bapak getting a seizure again. for the second time after the first time 6 months ago.

this time it happened at 5 o’clock in the morning and we got to the hospital (one located in south of jakarta) and inside the emergency room by 5:45. we experienced the slowest service. for quite a while yang didapat oleh bapak hanyalah infus. tidak ada tindakan medis lainnya yang quite berarti.

after that we had to try to find a room. and what a headache it was. i still can’t believe that getting a room in a hospital would be a lot harder than finding a free room at a hotel. and i tried more than 5 hospitals. and because we were trying to find all these possible alternatives, the ER people didn’t try to perform any other significant medical treatment. (i remember the when bapak had his first seizure 6 months ago, they gave him some kind of a shot on his arm to lower the viscosity of his blood).

and what’s more annoying and almost made me so mad adalah bahwa dokter jantung bapak sempat datang ke ER, but he didn’t want to pay bapak a visit and comment on his condition because he said that bapak was about to be transferred to another hospital anyway. what kind of an answer is that???? where is the compassion of the doctors here? dimana jiwa pengabdiannya? dimana rasa tanggung jawabnya sebagai seorang dokter yang tugasnya adalah menyembuhkan orang sakit????

it wasn’t until we were finally told that we managed to get a room in this hospital that the ER people called bapak’s neurologist and ask for advise on any medical treatment for bapak. and a shot was organized. after all those long hours!!! (oh, by the way, they did managed to get an MRI test before that – mainly to be able to tell what kind of room to put bapak in).

a hospital with quite a reputation like this one, it is supposed to be a good hospital (the rates are high enough to pass as one of the top hospitals in town) in way of service. when i spend so much money for a hospital, i expect to be treated what my money’s worth. but sadly, i didn’t get that from this hospital. i am disappointed.



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