mama, papa, ibu, bapak

31 05 2009

family231 may – today is mama’s birthday. no, she is not the woman who gave birth to me. although i call her mama, she is not my mother. she is mama.

mama is actually my mother’s older sister. so mama is my aunt. now you all will ask, why do i call him mama? a word that is used to call a person who gives birth to you and raise you to become an adult.

one reason. mama has 4 children. they are all boys. and now you get the idea. it was her idea to have me call her mama. to make her feel like she has a daughter. i didn’t mind. i felt it was special to have someone i call ‘ibu’ and another one i call ‘mama’. and mama’s husband – i call him papa, of course.

one funny story when i was in elementary school. one afternoon, my father picked me up from school. mama was there also to pick up her sons. and then my father asked, “mbak, do you want to go home with mama or with bapak?” a simple question for us that made almost all heads turned our way. they must have thought that i had divorced parents – why, the mother and father had two separate homes!

i used to get plenty question about this. but i understand that it’s something that’s expected when you have a pair of mama and papa and a pair of ibu and bapak.




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