my friends

7 06 2009

friendship1life is measured by how many good friends you have. life becomes a wonderful one when you are able to share the ups, downs with friends. it becomes a more rewarding one when you are able to give and receive and support each other.

i have a good life. i have many wonderful friends. caring, supporting, understanding friends. 

today is the 9th day that bapak is in the hospital. he is getting so much better by the day. and so far i am holding up. there was one time when i was on the lowest point of it all, but i managed to stand back up. and i must say that my friends have made it possible for me. ever since the first day when bapak got in the ER, up until now that bapak is finally able to eat by himself, non-stop supports from them, their constant prayers and the never-ending attention they give – they all help me holding up.

i almost had tears running down my cheeks when one night at the hospital my phone rang. and it was my friend from across the sea calling, just to tell me to be strong and to tell him if i might ever need any help in any way. 

thank you my friends. thank you for your prayers and support. and most of all, thank you for your friendships.




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