7 06 2009

superwoman1the very word reminds us (at least me) of the superhero movie where the woman wears skimpy outfit and has super power to help the weak and fight evil enemies. or perhaps makes some of think of the song that tells of a woman who does everything to make her man happy, but in return all she gets is heartache.

whatever it is, the word superwoman means to us more likely the same thing. a woman who is able to do everything she needs to do without (or with very little) help of other people. a superwoman is a woman who doesn’t mind doing it all and takes no nonsense when her mind sets to do something.

i think being a superwoman can be good in a way. you don’t depend too much on others. when you need something done, you go ahead and do it without having to wait on others. now this doesn’t mean that i agree when they say that they don’t need other people in their lives. of course not. we still need to have friends around us. we need to have love around us.

i think it’s great to be a woman who can take care of herself. who can take care of her family. who can be a woman, a wife and a mother at the same time. 

a few days ago, my friends call me a superwoman.




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