(supposedly) good hospital. excellent service.

12 06 2009

service excellence3another note on service excellence.

a couple of weeks ago, when i was still going back and forth to the hospital where bapak was in, something happened that i will never forget.

it was in the morning, when i was leaving the hospital to go to work. my routine was to visit bapak (and ibu who was accompanying bapak the whole 12 days he was there) after i dropped abang off at the school and before i went to the office.

it was all just like the usual thing until it was time for me to leave. i went to the car at the parking place and drove towards the ticket booth. the man there told me that i had to pay 4,000 rupiah for parking. i opened my wallet to get the money. i took out a note of 50,000 rupiah and gave it to him. he said to me that he preferred small change if i had any. so i told him that i only had 3,000 rupiah and that was not enough. he said again that he didn’t have any change. so i told him that i would go and get some change for the 50,000 rupiah… but his answer really took me off.

he said, “bu, it’s ok. just give me the 3,000 rupiah.”

i asked, “but that’s not enough.”

and he answered, “it’s ok, bu, i will add the 1,000 rupiah from my pocket.” and he smiled.

i started that day on a good note. bless that man.




One response

15 06 2009

not expecting that officers at ticket booth have to do the same with what was happened with you. at least, they’re not cheating on how much that we must pay..

simawarkuning: every little good thing we do to others or others do to us, is very important and will be appreciated very much.

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