16 09 2009

thank you cintafrom the song ‘you’ by basil valdez

you give me hope, the strength, the will to keep on
no one else can make me feel this way
and only you can bring out all the best i can do
i believe you turn the tide and make me feel real good inside

you push me up when i’m about to give up
you’re on my side when no one seems to listen
and if you go you know that tears can help but show
you’ll break this heart and tear it apart then suddenly the madness start

it’s your smile, you face, your lips that i’ll miss
those sweet little eyes that stare at me and make me say
“i’m with you through all the way”
cause it’s you who fills the emptiness in me
it changes everything you see, when i know i’ve got you with me


breaking your heart has never been and will never be my intention, for when you heart breaks, so does mine. when your tears fall, then you can be sure that i’ll have a river full of mine. your sadness will be my sadness, for i share even every little emotion that you feel.

we’ve been through so much, together and apart. our lives are abundant of memories, sweet and bitter. every single one will only enrich the love of me. the life of me.

you’ve been the uplifter of my so many mornings. you’ve been the soother of my so many evenings. i can never thank you enough. i’ve walked a long path, some has been shared with you, brightened and made wonderful. i can only wish that somehow somewhere along the way i may have given you a bit of those great music of life you’ve given so much.

thank you. for the gift of time. for the gift of joy. for the gift of music. for the gift of friendship. for the gift of love. for the gift of you. the greatest gift of all.




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