my macbook, i love you full.

18 09 2009

a couple of weeks ago i browsed through news on the new Mac OS – the snow leopard…. big deal. i’ll make sure that i get my OS upgraded. but then… whoa-hoa… macbook had only the white polycarbonate shell model now! where has the aluminium unibody gone? it’s become obselete? how come? i purchased mine less than a year ago. what happened?

i searched for articles where it might explains why APPLE stops the unibody production for macbook. not an answer can i find anywhere i look. i searched through MCI, but found nothing. frustrated, i thought oh well, perhaps this type of macbook is not good therefore they stop its production.

but then i found something interesting in the macworld magazine that i bought. i found out that APPLE cut down their production cost to bounce up their share. hmm… this sort of answers the millions questions in my head.

so now, no longer do i feel disappointed. vice versa, i feel great. it’s so great that i had the chance to buy the aluminum unibody version of macbook. and also it’s so great to be carrying around a regular macbook and make people think that it’s a macbook pro that i’m using… 🙂

never will i regret the decision i made to buy a macbook. all the money that i spent on it, are worth every cent of it.

my macbook, i love you, buddy.




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