the gift of life… thank you Lord.

20 09 2009

gift of life1our lives is the mystery of the Almighty. to know our time is His prerogative alone.

my father just recovered from his second stroke. although not yet back to his normal self, the progress is surely taking the highway. his recovery is speedy as well as satisfactory. i should be thankful. and i am. i was. and forever will be. but being thankful doesn’t always come by itself every time. it’s so easy to slip away from being thankful.

it has been 3 months now. at the very beginning i saw everything as a miracle. the beautiful miracle of  recovery. it was like my father was given a second chance to live. it was like we all were given the second chance to live our lives to the fullest. i was very very thankful for this precious chance. i was so grateful for a prayer answered. but as time went by, that grateful feeling evaporated. that thankful attitude went away. disappeared. gone like a puff of smoke.

until, i once again was faced with death. not mine, but the death of another. a friend of my father encountered a stroke not long after my father left the hospital. maybe around 2 months after my father got home. went into a coma and never gained consciousness until the end of his life. the man who when my father was ill, gave his time for a visit. the man who when things were dragging at the very bottom for our family, came to give his support. and when my father got better, this man got ill and never recovered.

how this reminded me that recovery is truly a gift. not something to be taken for granted. that my father got be better after a very serious illness was a great blessing and given by the Lord for a purpose. one thing for sure. the purpose is to teach me to always be thankful for every little thing happens in life. every single breath of me is a gift. i am so blessed.

thank you God.




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