tips & tricks when caring for babies

16 11 2009

i was involved in a conversation with a bunch of mothers and fathers with batita’s (children under 3 year-old). it all started with one person claiming that his baby dove down to the floor from the bed – for the second time. another friend confessed that the same has happened to her baby not too long ago. after a while, the conversation took its turn where they asked me for some advise in “baby-nursing”.

well, here’s some of my tips:

  1. once your baby starts flipping and turning, NEVER put him on a bed unattended. not even for a second.
  2. the above also applies when you are next to him but asleep.
  3. the above also applies when you are next to him but busy with your BB or macbook.
  4. when your baby starts his crawling stage ALWAYS put him in his baby cot. babies grab things that can be dangerous to them. they hit their heads and hurt other body members.
  5. if you can help it, NEVER use baby walkers to make your babies learn to walk. baby walkers do not make your babies learn to walk faster.
  6. your baby learns to stand up, and eventually walk faster in his cot.
  7. put you baby in sitting position when eating.
  8. the above includes sitting in his high chair, stroller, car seat, or even his little play-horse if you want.
  9. NEVER feed your baby while taking him on a walk outside the house. not hygienic.
  10. high chair can be useful when teaching your baby to sit still while watching movies, playing or even when you’re telling a story.
  11. NEVER hold and carry your baby to put him to sleep. the baby will think that’s how he sleeps and it’ll be a problem for you once he gets heavier and heavier.
  12. lay your baby on his bed/cot when it’s nap/sleep time.
  13. you can rub your baby’s back, sing him lullabies, or by tapping his bottom gently.
  14. stroller is a good thing for your baby to get used to when going places. (especially if you had a babies with maintenance-free battery that lasts forever like mine)
  15. bottles are good until your baby is around 1 year-old.
  16. above 1 year-old, let him get used to glasses or mugs. (i fail in this point – my youngest is almost 3, and he still uses bottles. but my oldest started using mugs with straws when he was 1.5 year-old)
  17. use a steamer to steam all the bottles or anything that you know will end up in your baby’s mouth.
  18. the above includes any kinds of teether and silicon nipples.
  19. steamers can be replaced with a pot of boiling water.
  20. MUST HAVE medicines – nipe/actifed (for flu), laserin madu (for cough), panadol (for fever), trombophob (for bruises), transpulmin (rubbung gel), and betadin (for cuts or any other boo-boo).
  21. ALWAYS wash clean your baby’s hands AND your hands.
  22. ALWAYS have antis and antiseptic wet tissues handy in your purse.
  23. be careful with mosquitos. use mosquitos repellant. i use switzal for my babies. ALWAYS put some on after taking baths and more when needed.
  24. diapers – max until your babies are 2 years old.
  25. potty training – make them pee-pee first thing in the morning when they wake up. take them to the bathroom again once every hour or couple of hours.
  26. potty training 2 – make them pee before they go to bed. in the middle of the night when you or he wakes up, again, go to the bathroom.
  27. never get tired of this bathroom rituals.
  28. potty training 3 – bring an empty bottle with you when you go out with your baby. when he needs to pee, use the bottle as a container. (this works for baby boys)
  29. car seat – this is probably not that important here in indonesia, since most of you will never have to drive with a baby. you either have a husband to drive you or a wife to hold your baby, or a driver to drive you places.
  30. a car seat becomes IMPORTANT when you have to drive when taking a baby with you. (this was my case, i like taking my boys with me for coffees and snack)
  31. my babies stopped eating blended food once their teeth showed.
  32. DO NOT get your baby to get used to blended food, it will make it longer for them to learn to chew and eat real food.
  33. i find that instant baby food is not that good. whatever the brand is. (i gave more instant baby food to abang than adek, and now abang is more selective food-wise, not to mention adek is bigger than abang was when he was his age).

that’s about all i remember for now. please feel free to add more if you think of anything else i’ve missed.

i hope they can be useful for all of you.



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