day 6: my car got hit

29 11 2009

wow, i skipped a day. not because i didn’t have anything to be thankful about. so here’s my thanksgiving for day 5, before i go on to day 6. yesterday was a good day because i got to spend time with my whole family, for the whole day. starting from when we opened our eyes, all through the morning, afternoon and evening, right to the time when it was time to sleep again. so, thank you for quality family time.

today, my car got hit by an ‘angkot’. it was bad, i know. i had both my boys in the car with me. just the three of us. i sped up the car trying to catch the ‘angkot’ who decided to run away and escape my ‘wrath’. for a while i thought i could manage to get him (all the other cars even ‘made way’ for me as they understandingly drove to the side and let me pass by). i had my window open and all kinds of ugly and swear words came out of my mouth. (now i feel so ashamed). tried as hard as i might, still the ‘angkot’ was much better at taking the road than me…. so, in the end, he got away.

and why am i thankful? cliche at may sound, i am thankful that none of us (especially my boys) got hurt. i am thankful that nothing major happened. i am thankful that i didn’t get the ‘angkot’ because if i did, i might have been the one ended getting hurt, considering that the passengers of the ‘angkot’ was the PERSIJA fans….




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