day 9: lesson of patience

2 12 2009

patience is a virtue. it can be learned through practice. i am so thankful that i am given a couple of chances to witness a couple of ‘patience-in-action’ today.

a few days ago, the children in my son’s school were told to bring christmas donation. so i gave him 5 packs of ‘mie instant’ to bring to school.

i didn’t think much of it anymore until yesterday until a friend of mine told something that made me quite upset. she told me that her son said that abang was being laughed at for bringing ONLY five packs of ‘mie instant’. the teacher opened the bag and upon finding the packs she said, “gavin, why are you only bringing 5 packs?” and then a roar of laughter.

feeling upset, that night i bought a whole box of ‘mie instant’ and this morning i intended to come to the teacher who humiliated my son and shoved the box to her. but GOD knows better. HE knew that i was too upset and would probably have done or said things i would regret later on. so when i got to school it was not that teacher that i found, but another one. one who was surprised to hear my story, one who tried to calm me down with apology. and in no time at all i was all calmed down and accepting the apology i gave her the box of ‘mie instant’ and left.

tonight i am practicing my being patient while teaching my son math for finals tomorrow… 🙂

i am so thankful that GOD delivered an examples of patience to me today. it teaches me to try to be more patient more often.




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