day 10: i have so much to share – let me be a channel of blessing…

3 12 2009

today i got into a conversation with a girlfriend. she is going through some pretty serious turbulence of life at the moment. her husband is ill and is going through a very costly treatment. using human logic way of thinking, it would be impossible to find the funds, but she told me that GOD has been working in HIS mysterious ways to provide for the family and their needs.

she also mentioned that now she cannot even take the children anywhere, afraid they would ask for things she cannot afford. she even have to use her creative minds to find affordable things for the children to do on their free time. the children keep asking her when their father would get well, so they can soon do the things they used to do, go places they used to go…

her story made me more thankful for all the things that i have. for the blessings of health. for food and the opportunities to do things and go places we want.

i am so blessed. my family is so blessed. and my prayer is that i can be a channel of blessings to other people. a channel of blessings to my friend.




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