day 20: abang’s birthday party

14 12 2009

it was a hectic day. went to church in the morning, then went to fetch abang’s birthday cake. next it was my weekly chore – taking abang to sunday school, then go to the restaurant to place order for food for the party. after that, to the grocery store and pick up little this and that, such as paper plates, balloons, party stuff. then went back to get abang from sunday school before we finally made it back home again and prepare for the party.

guests started coming just before noon. just in time as i finished putting food on the table. we ate, the kids played. abang blew out the candle on the cake, chit-chat some more, then everyone left for home at around 2pm. putting the house to its original state / condition, was the HARDEST.

all in all, i was happy with how the party turned out.

thank you GOD, for the abiliy to work through hectic moments, thank you for friends who help, thank you for family who support. last but not least, thank you for additing 1 year for abang.




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