day 23: self confidence

22 12 2009

tonight i got into a conversation with a friend, and the topic was self-confidence. i had just seen a lady wearing a pair of jeans shorts and a black over-sized sweater. i told him how the whole outfit looked so nice on her, and that she looked nice in the outfit. his comment was, ” a lot of times what makes a girl nice to look at is how she carries herself. when she looks confident in herself and the way she looks, then she becomes nice to look at.”

how true. i have seen a lot of women who are not exactly ‘miss-universe’ beauty, but just because they way she walks, they way she talks, the way she thinks and acts really shows confidence, then she becomes a beautiful piece of art in people’s eyes. a high level of self-confidence is a booster for a woman’s beauty.

not to be narcissistic, let me tell you a personal experience. i remember that day i was wearing a short sleeved buttoned up dress that came down to just below my knees. it fit me just right, not too tight and not too flowy. it was a dress with a standard neckline with collars. the color was plain brown, not sexy black or flirty red. i was wearing ordinary three-centimeter-heel pumps. regular office kind of make up. i thought i looked just ordinary. not ugly, but not exactly the kind that would catch talent-searcher’s eyes to be registered for modeling jobs. i was walking down the sidewalk and people’s (read: men’s) eyes were on me all the way until i disappeared from their sights. a couple even whistled in appreciation. so much for thinking i was looking ordinary. in those people”s eyes i was more than ordinary. so much more. and why was that? i believe it was the way i walked. it showed confidence.

it’s not the dress. it’s not the make up. it’s not the curves of the body. it’s not the high heels. it’s not the hairdo. it’s not the bag or other accessories. it’s not even the perfume. girls, the tip is simply the way a woman carries herself.

still not trying to be narcissistic, i believe i have a lot of self-confidence in me, one important ingredient in myself that make me a nice sight to look at for people of the opposite gender. i don’t think i would pass for being beautiful and sexy like angelina jolie or halle berry, but with the amount of self-confidence that i have, people could just see me like them.

i truly thank GOD for the gift of self-confidence vested in me.



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