day 27: lesson for success

30 12 2009

i had a long conversation with a friend today. it started off with a light topic of how we are liking the jobs we have. how thankful we are of the wonderful things put on our plates at work. how grateful we are of supporting people we have around us.

then the topic went one step heavier. what do we want to target ourselves with? in the short term and also in the long run? what is important in getting approvals of our colleagues, our superiors, other people? there are many smart, clever, knowledgeable people around us. but not all of them – quite a small number actually – are in the places where they really want now. what’s wrong with them?

the conversation with my friend reminded me that being smart, clever, and knowledgeable don’t really get you that far. not even half the way. you are stepping closer to your destiny when you are always willing to learn how to sharpen your instinct and logic, decide with wisdom, use your creativity and grow to be mature. the sensitivity to recognize these important virtues are the secret to getting there.

today, my friend reminded me again that knowledge is power, but character is more.

today, i want to thank you, my friend.




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