Asisten Rumah Tangga

27 09 2011

Hahaha… Jadi pengen nulis tentang ART alias Asisten Rumah Tangga. I thought I am done and over with this issue. I thought I had it solved already. Tapi ternyata oh ternyata….

Cerita tahun lalu berulang lagi tahun ini. Last year it took me 3 months to finally get myself a domestic assistant. So, given that I have just spent 1 month looking this year, it means I still have 2 more months to go. Huh… I am so looking forward to that.

Well, mudah-mudahan tidak selama itu. Karena saya sudah establish contact dengan beberapa penyalur, beberapa yayasan, dari mulut ke mulut lewat teman, tetangga, saudara…. Just about everyone. So, keeping my fingers crossed (dan juga doa setiap hari), hopefully my assistant will come along one of these days. Doain yaaaa…..




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