Uneventful Month… Be Thankful Always

6 11 2011

The month of October has been a little something for me. Many things happened. Things that seem to magically come somewhere from novels or movies.

One morning I got a phone call from a friend. I heard cries on the other end of the line. I was so surprised. But nothing surprised me more than the words that followed my friend’s cry. “I had an abortion,” she said. I was literally shaken, unsure that I was hearing her right. But I guess talking to a friend helped her somewhat in going through the rough time.

A couple of weeks afterwards, another story from a friend shook me. He told me that out of the blue, all of a sudden he was handed over a little boy who happens to be his own son. A pair of father and son who never in their lives saw one another, now have to spend the rest of their lives under one roof. Crazy.

Towards the end of October, again I was shaken by the news that one of my uncles had to be taken to the hospital, and treated for a disease I have never yet heard before. Myasthenia Gravis. Some rare disease that somehow managed to crawl into my uncle’s body. Worse still, about a week later he had to undergo a surgery to remove the tumor of the thymus, that is supposedly the cause of the disease. But then, as if it wasn’t enough for all of us, after the surgery, my uncle had trouble breathing and now has to spend his days in the ICU. And as I am writing this post entry, we are all still praying that miracle will happen for all of us.

And all those only give me the true lesson of life. Be thankful of what we have. The gift of life. The gift of family. The gift of prayer. The gift of miracle.




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