Sushi Tei

20 11 2011

Another all-time favorite. Mine and Gavin’s. This is the place where we usually have our quality time – just us two – because Athan does not share the passion for sushi.

One little tip for Sushi Tei lovers, come at 10 o’clock like Gavin and I usually do, since the plave always get crowded by 11 o’clock, and right around 12 you won’t be able to get in without getting in line first. And this pretty much how it is at every Sushi Tei outlets.

Today, the Sushi Tei of our choice is the one at Plaza Senayan. Ikura gunkan and Tobikko gunkan for Gavin, and the usual Salmom sashimi pour moi.

One small input if I may for Sushi Tei – I think it’s time you start providing free wifi connection as it’s one of the things consumers look for other than food and service. After all, it would be nice to be able to connect to the world and tell them that we are having a hell of an experience at Sushi Tei. Wouldn’t it?



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