My gift. His gift. The gift of Christmas.

26 12 2011

Giving is such a wonderful thing. But to know that your gift is received with a thankful heart is such a heavenly feeling. It makes all the giving a worthwhile act.

These past couple of days is full of giving. Christmas gifts. Being me, with so much activities prior to Christmas night, I did my Christmas shopping at the very very last minute. Took me 6 hours to finally got all the gifts wrapped up and ready to be put under the Christmas tree – most of that time was spent going around and around trying to find just the perfect gift for every single person in the family.

Exhausted, I know. But when I saw the lights twinkle in their eyes when they open the presents, when I heard them shout in excitement upon seeing what was inside the boxes, I couldn’t help but smile in satisfaction and the tiredness gone. Although everyone agreed with what I got them, but all in all I was happy. Most of my gifts hit their targets like a bullseye.

Made me think, what must God be feeling when He sees that not all of us accepts the Son He sent to this world? After all, that’s the true gift of Christmas. Shouldn’t we also accept Him with the utmost excitement?




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