Like Ma Like Son

19 02 2012

Seriously I never thought there’d come the day that I would see my son insisting on going to hang out at Starbucks. While his brother would rather play at Funworld, shop for toys, my oldest son did not show any interests in any of that stuff.

So off we went to Starbucks. I ordered my usual hazelnut latte, and he ordered his usual hot choco. He then picked the sofa seat, took out my iPad. Asked the barista for the password to the wifi, and he settled there while surfing the net.

And all the while I just watched him, skillfully connecting to the internet. He even knew how to punch in the username and password. I couldn’t help but smile appreciatively. My son, he is so like me. He’s been watching me all this time.

Like ma like son.



2 responses

19 02 2012

So, does the youngest look like his father? šŸ˜€

5 03 2012

Actually they both are mirrors of me. Hahaha…..

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