Holding Hands

5 03 2012

Don’t know if I have shared this or not. But even if I have, let me just underline again today, my thoughts of abang, my oldest son.

A few times I have my turn of taking the boys to school. And there and then I get to watch my kids step off of the car and also watch all the other school kids do the same morning routine. I always take the time to run my eyes over the sight of all the kindergarten kids at the school lobby.

And there I noticed the big difference. Abang always takes Athan by the hand, holds his hand until they get to Athan’s class. He will then take out Athan’s homework, and put his backpack neatly by all the other backpacks. After making sure that everything is in place for his brother, Abang then walks off to his class.

And all the other kids? Not one I see holds their brothers/sisters hands.

I believe that by doing this Abang sets a very good example for his brother on how we should treat other people with so much love and care.

I’m proud of you, Gavin. Anak Ibu memang hebat.



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