Hi, How (Annoying) Are You?

13 03 2012

Confused with the title I picked? Well, let me just let you in on my little secret. I hate that one ‘fine’ question of “Hi, How Are You?”.

No matter how I have tried to understand the world, it seems that I cannot get it. I have tried to get it in my head that the whole world is just using that fine phrase simply for a greeting-that-means-nothing to fill up that empty awkward few seconds when you meet someone.

But to me, hearing people greet me with “Hi, How Are You?” brings nothing but awkwardness. It makes me feel awkward all over. No matter how much I have tried, I just cannot get used to it. I cannot bring myself to saying the same phrase (which you are supposed to do) every time it is directed to me. Rather, I get so annoyed.

I have once thought of saying something else instead of repeating the phrase back to the originator. I have always wanted to say to them, “How much time do you have? Because it surely will take a hell lot of minutes of your time to tell you how I am feeling right now.”

Will that be annoying? Not as much as how annoyed I get every time people use that fine phrase to greet me.




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